A tool for proprioceptive physioterapic rehabilitation.

reHub glove is a tool designed for proprioceptive rehabilitation, to recover movement fluidity after an injury: provided by the physiotherapist, it allows the patient to record and report exercises data such as hand position, finger flexion and fingertips pressure. Recorded data are displayed through a software that reproduces a 3D hand, its movements and detected values. Through the software a physiotherapist is able to evaluate the therapeutic process and possibly change it. Thanks to reHub exercises can be done in physiotherapist presence or at a distance.


reHub glove experimenting and developing processes are going hand in hand on different fields:

#reHub #glove is a tool used to monitor hands movements. Collected data can be applied to a various range of fields.


Research and development of electronic components engages us every day: our goal is to optimize the performance of the parts and reduce production costs in order to make reHub technology accessible to as many users as possible.

Our first prototype had an Arduino microcontroller connected to five flex sensors to verify both detectable characteristics and sampling rate, processing of the data to the log and render graphics softwares. Sensors evaluation is the main part of the feasibility study for the construction of reHub glove.

reHub main sensors are:


Research and experimentation affected the glove’s design. The selection of these gloves was not random: we favored light colors, a fitted look with leather, leatherette and stretch fabric parts.As we could experience working in the field of wearables there are many variables to take into account. Future scenarios of our experiments include a journey into the world of yarns and silicones.


reHub’s glove software development is complementary to electronic components and textiles progress. Our software allows the product to collect, process, report and forward all data arriving from the sensors. With collected data physiotherapists are able to evaluate the applied therapy and the patient’s progress.

Software’s components identified in our early stages development and shown during 2016 European Maker Faire edition are three:


We want to build a community and start a business strategy. Thus, we are still looking for our final user(s), who will try our product and help us develop different options:

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