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03 May 2017 | filed under:
#reHub #glove is a tool used to monitor hands movements. Collected data can be applied to a various range of fields.

On 3rd of May 2017 we submitted our application to the CALL FOR MAKERS - opencare Maker In Residence.

The opencare Maker in Residence is the first edition of a special residency program organized by WeMake, as part of the opencare European project. It provides support, assistance, funding and acceleration to Makers – from all over the world – who are interested in developing / validating / iterating an open source project in the health and care field.


We applied as reHub. reHub is a tool designed for proprioceptive rehabilitation, to recover movement fluidity after an injury: provided by the physiotherapist, it allows the patient to record and report exercises data such as hand position, finger flexion and fingertips pressure. Recorded data are displayed through a software that reproduces a 3D hand, its movements and detected values.

Through the software a physiotherapist is able to evaluate the therapeutic process and possibly change it. Thanks to reHub exercises can be done in physiotherapist presence or at a distance.

We are still looking for our final user(s), who will try our product and help us develop different options:

We want to build a community and start a business strategy.

Continue to read our story on EdgeRyders by clicking on this link!

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