opencare MIR - Keep working!

09 Aug 2017 | filed under:

reHub glove experimenting and developing processes are going hand in hand on two fronts:


reHub Team is at work during opencare - MIR to analyze and redesign the glove, improving the weak aspects of the old prototype:


We are defining a new pattern for the glove: a surface of stretch material that covers the top of the hand and holds to it by soft elastic bands on the bottom. Tailoring a glove is not easy stuff, this new model is designed to be easily reproduced with digital fabrication and basic sewing knowledge.


Technologic development during opencare MIR was about searching for a micro controller worthy of the new glove, version 4.0, described above. We selected curieNano micro controller of DFRobot, the evolution of Arduino Curie’s board developed on Intel’s SoC.

Here a sample of the system we will use to connect the tiny microcontrollers.


Click here for more details!

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